Why is SkillsBoard free for Training Companies?

Why is SkillsBoard free for Training Companies?

How can it be possible for you to validate Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Theoretical Skills and Practical Skills, to archive all relevant course materials, manage feedback and accurately follow Students’/Employees’ development throughout their careers, all in one place on an ergonomic, instinctive user-interface without having to pay for it?

The answer is simple. It is thanks to your input as Trainers, Educators, Learning Machine… that Students/Employees can take advantage of SkillsBoard to efficiently manage their career development, their employability as well as their inclusion in the workplace and it’s impossible to put a price on that!

By using SkillsBoard you will deliver reliable, pertinent HR Data, which your clients can easily use. They will value the services you provide and, in turn, you will ensure repeat business for your organisation.

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